Photography Policy

At Swing Tyne specific events (such as classes at Summerhill) Swing Tyne may take photos to share news about our events and our classes. Images may be used on the Swing Tyne Facebook page and website. If you would prefer not to be photographed, please speak to a member of the committee.

Likewise, we ask members who would like to take more than the occasional photo to consult with the committee about etiquette and use of images.

Out of courtesy, please ask teachers if you wish to video a lesson recap. Such videos and photos should remain for your own, private use.

At public events: in the UK there is no law preventing people from taking photographs in public places (such as at flash mobs on public land). Swing Tyne takes no responsibility for the actions of the public in such public spaces (such as dancing in public bars). If, however, you are taking photographs on private land (such as in a bar), technically you need to have the landowner’s permission.

Above all we ask members to be respectful both as photographers and as photographees.