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Lindy Hop

Weekly classes covering the most famous Swing Dance of them all!

Born in Harlem the Lindy Hop is an upbeat dance that can be fast and frenetic or cool and laid back

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Location: Gosforth Civic Theatre

Every Monday

Beginners @ 8:30pm

Intermediates @ 7:30pm


Fortnightly classes for this smooth and sophisticated style of swing dance

Starting out in Southern California in the 1920s Balboa has a smooth style and a close hold.

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Location: Gosforth Civic Theatre

Every Other Monday

Beginners @ 7:30pm

Intermediates @ 8:30pm

Collegiate Shag

Fortnightly classes for this fast and joyful style of swing dance

Danced across America in the 30s and 40s this is a fast and often wild dance performed in a unique hold

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Location: Gosforth Civic Theatre

Every Other Monday

Beginners @ 7:30pm

Intermediates @ 8:30pm

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Gosforth Civic Theatre
Regent Farm Rd
Newcastle upon Tyne
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Every Monday
Classes Start at 7:30pm and 8:30pm
Social Dancing from 9:30 to 11pm


£6 for lessons including social dancing
£3 social dancing only
Card payment is available
Your first time at Swing Tyne is free!


Swing Tyne



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a partner?

No, one of the great things about Swing Dancing is that everybody is happy to dance with everybody else!

We’ll switch partners several time throughout the classes, and you’re encouraged to ask as many different people to dance when social dancing as possible. This not only helps your dancing to improve, as you learn to lead and follow different people, it also makes it more fun!

  • What do I need to wear?

Some people dress up smart every week, others wear jeans and a T-shirt; as long as you’re wearing loose, comfortable clothes that you can move around in, you’ll do fine.

Be aware that turns may cause skirts to rise up, so you may wish to consider ‘safety shorts’ underneath. Flat shoes are strongly recommended, as no one likes being stood on in stiletto heels.

  • Is swing dancing suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! Swing dancing is enjoyed all around the world by people from 18 to 100, and every age in between.

  • How much is it?

It’s £6 for classes and social dancing and only £3 for just social dancing. Card payment is available

If its your first time at Swing Tyne its all free!

  • Do I have to perform?

Absolutely not. Swing dancing is primarily a social dance so there is no pressure to learn choreography or perform for an audience. However there are always opportunities to do this if you are interested.

  • I have a welfare issue

Swing Tyne takes the well being of its participants seriously and thus has a dedicated Welfare Officer, Jan Porteous and a Statement of Intent / Code of Conduct.

These can be found on our Welfare Page along with how to seek help, should any issues arise.


We love dancing and everything associated with swing dance and want everyone to feel absolutely comfortable and safe at any of our events.

To aid this we have a dedicated welfare officer and a Welfare Code of Conduct.

We recommend that everyone read the Code as it sets out expectations and friendly etiquette advice for participants and teachers. It also fully details how to seek help if there is a problem and how we will address issues.

If have a welfare concern, please contact:


or use our welfare web form opposite which permits anonymous submissions.

The Welfare Officer has been mandated by the Committee to investigate complaints in confidence and independently of the Committee, if the complainant desires. Only the Welfare Officer monitors the welfare email account.

If you wish for the whole Committee to be aware of an issue please contact:


No concern should be considered too small to raise. Swing Tyne and the Welfare Officer are committed to working providing a safe space for all dancers.

Jan Porteous
Welfare Officer

Raise a Welfare Concern


Contact Us

This form will send an email to the Swing Tyne Committee.

If you wish to raise a welfare issue please use the separate form above