Swing Dancing in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Swing Tyne are planning to restart lessons in Feb 2022. Check our Facebook group below for more information

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Your Committee 2020



The Chair acts as the Chairman at all Society meetings and is responsible for compiling meeting agendas. The Chair also has the responsibility of ensuring that Committee members are notified of the full details of any resolutions.



The Treasurer is responsible for administrating the Society’s money, paying all bills, being a signatory for the Society bank account, keeping a record of all financial transactions and writing an annual financial report.



The Secretary takes the minutes at Society meetings and ensures they are distributed to all Committee members

Lindy Hop Co-ordinator


The Lindy Hop Co-ordinator organises the teaching rota for Lindy lessons and co-ordinates DJs for weekly social dancing. They keep all necessary parties informed of the up to date rotas.

Balboa Co-ordinator


The Balboa Co-ordinator organises the teaching rota for Balboa lessons and keeps all necessary parties informed of the up to date rotas.

Shag Co-ordinator


The Shag Co-ordinator organises the teaching rota for Shag lessons and keeps all necessary parties informed of the up to date rotas.

DJ Co-ordinator


The DJ Co-ordinator organises the DJs for our weekly social dances.

Website/Tech Co-Ordinator


The web/tech co-ordinator maintains the website and all other IT systems

Welfare Officer


The Welfare Officer handles any welfare issues that may arise and helps ensure everyone feels safe and welcome at Swing Tyne


We love dancing and everything associated with swing dance and want everyone to feel absolutely comfortable and safe at any of our events.

To aid this we have a dedicated welfare officer and a Welfare Code of Conduct.

We recommend that everyone read the Code as it sets out expectations and friendly etiquette advice for participants and teachers. It also fully details how to seek help if there is a problem and how we will address issues.

If have a welfare concern, please contact:


or use our welfare web form opposite which permits anonymous submissions.

The Welfare Officer has been mandated by the Committee to investigate complaints in confidence and independently of the Committee, if the complainant desires. Only the Welfare Officer monitors the welfare email account.

If you wish for the whole Committee to be aware of an issue please contact:


No concern should be considered too small to raise. Swing Tyne and the Welfare Officer are committed to providing a safe space for all dancers.

Jan Porteous
Welfare Officer

Raise a Welfare Concern


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This form will send an email to the Swing Tyne Committee.

If you wish to raise a welfare issue please use the separate form above